How we do what we do!



The script for the video usually includes two columns. One for the voice-over, audio or speech and another with descriptions of actions and some camera directions.

We usually prefer to sign off the voice-over first and then write the action.




The mockups are images really close to the video’s final look. They are used to give the client a better idea of the final product. Also to choose the design of the main characters.

We usually provide 3 or 4 style option to choose form.




A storyboard is a sequence of rough sketches that shows what happens in the video.
The videoboard is an animated version of the storyboard that runs for the same length as the finished animation with the voice-over or the doublage.
We usually provide a videoboard; unless agreed before, it can usually be subject to a maximum of three reviews.



Once the storyboard is approved, we begin with the animation. We are able to use many different techniques such as: Classical 2d, CGI, Stop Motion, Cut-out, Motion graphics and many more.

** It’s important to know that once we begin the animation we can’t go back to the storyboard without charging an extra fee to the budget! **




After the animation is completed we transfer all the scenes in a editing program that allows us to create and add special affects, lighting, color correction, giving to the video a finishing touch.



(Sound Design)

We add the audio mix track to the video. The mix audio is composed of:
Sound effects

We usually suggest that our clients who want to create explanation videos choose between music and sound effects, to avoid an overwhelming audio that would give the audience too many audio inputs.




We deliver a video ready to be uploaded and shared!