Why I need an explainer animation?

Explainer Videos are an excellent way to quickly introduce your key messages to your target audience.
In just 2 minutes you can tell them many things about your services and yourself in an engaging and exciting way .

A picture is worth a thousand words! The images will help the audience absorb and remember your information easily.

Increasing conversion rates – if they like what they see from your video, they will buy or invest!

Increase your exposure in an interesting and quirky way.

What styles do you do?

We create many different styles of animations.
These are the main techniques we do:

+ Classical 2d animation
+ CGI (3d animation)
+ Motion graphics
+ Cut-out
+ Plasticine

What if I have a small budget?

We work with many different budgets, aimed from just one goal: create top quality videos!
There are many ways to reduce the costs of animation without loosing quality:

+ Make it short: with only 30sec you can give much information and save some money!
+ Motion graphics instead of character : animated texts and icons can be as engaging as characters!
+ Just Voice Over without musics or sounds: the voice is the main thing, all the rest can be unnecessary.

How long does it take to produce an animated video?

The time frame depends from 3 main variables:

+ Duration
+ Quality
+ Your time to answer

In general, most of our projects are completed within 3-8 weeks.

How much an explanation video costs?

There are 4 main variables that affect the price of animation:

+ Duration
+ Quality
+ Number of characters/ locations
+ Level of design/style input

Of course, the longer an animation is, the more it will cost, just as a short production time frame will incur a premium. But, it is the quality and style of animation that makes the most difference.
The fastest way to find out is to contact us with the following information:

+ Length
+ A link to something you like or a quality you would like to achieve!

What materials or information do you need to create the video?

The first thing is decide what information you want to give to your audience about your product or services. What is the main purpose of your product or services? Why is it so good? Why should people purchase or invest in it? What makes it so innovative?

If you have a logo and you want to show it, we will need it! It should have a minimum size of 450 pixels on its shorter side.

If you have a website, email, twitter, Facebook page or google+ you should give to your audience the opportunity to know more, buy or invest!

I want to save some money by writing the script myself. Do you have any suggestions?

We usually discourage clients from writing their own scripts. It might seem easy, but it isn't.
But, if you want to do it, here are few hints and questions you could use to write your script:

+ KNOW YOUR TARGET. Who is you target? Age? Gender? Profession? What are they like?
+ PERSONAL or IMPERSONAL? Our suggestion is: Make people care!
+ STORY or LISTS? Over time we have discovered that people like stories more than lists. Avoid too many lists!
+ SAY WHY YOU ARE THE BEST! Why should people purchase or invest in your project?
+ CALL TO ACTION! Invite your audience to visit your website and get in touch.

A note on length: as a general rule, keep your explainer video short, usually under two minutes. The script is your first chance to work on length and you can do that with word count. At Common Craft, our rule of thumb is about 150 words per minute (voice-over time).